Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution
In today's rapidly changing consumer market, manufactures are continually challenged to keep pace with evolving products,
new technologies, and developing materials. At the same time, they are committed to increasing productivity, reducing costs,
and improving quality. All of this requires change in the production environment.

G+R Associates works with manufacturing executives, managers, line employees, and vendors to optimize process flows and
integrate equipment configurations and layouts that support aspirations and objectives.

Efficient material handling is essential to state-of-the-art manufacturing. G+R is adept at developing a wide variety of concepts
and technologies that maximize storage while providing the visibility and flow rates necessary to support just-in-time receiving,
storage, production, work-in-process, and distribution functions—all while reducing labor and operating costs.

Available Services:
a Feasibility analysis and strategic investment planning
a Consolidation studies
a Master and space planning
a Warehouse configuration and material handling consulting
a Manufacturing equipment configuration and layout
a Procurement consulting
a Project team selection and management
a Construction administration
a Lean and Six Sigma process consulting
a Transition planning, commissioning, and start-up support