Finding the best service, materials, and equipment providers requires a significant commitment. This multistep process demands
research, diligence, and impartiality. For those reasons, most companies team with traditional partners or the lowest bidder. While this
approach is valid, it does not always result in the best value, lowest price, and least risk.

G+R Associates works with clients to understand and document requirements and objectives to support new products, process
improvement initiatives, or lifecycle management programs. Potential vendors are identified, researched, and vetted. Qualified
vendors are managed and selected through a highly structured process, ensuring proposal consistency.

Selecting partners is only part of the process. Coming to a mutually agreeable contract that protects the purchaser from change
orders, and identifying and mitigating risk, requires diligence. G+R conducts thorough evaluation and analysis of contract language
to validate scope, define business conditions, and protect the purchaser.

Available Services:
a Scope definition and documentation
a Vendor identification, research, and vetting
a Request for qualifications (RFQ), request for proposal (RFP), and request for bid (RFB)
a Vendor selection management
a Contract consulting